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Sewing Classes for kids

A big welcome awaits your child at Sew Retro when they join our affordable, fun and regular sewing classes for all ages. We serve cake, biscuits and soft drinks at the start of class.


Since 2010 our sewing classes have supported both boys and girls to learn to sew in a safe environment. We encourage children to express themselves individually, with children learning to design and make any item from a pencil case to skater skirts and sweatshirts. Your child can bring their own ideas to the class or choose from our wide range of projects and patterns in sewing and craft books.

During the lesson your child will learn how to place the pattern on the fabric, cut out, tack by hand and sew their chosen item on a Singer sewing machine. They learn how to hand sew, create machine embroidery, appliqué, make patchwork, customise, make do and mend!


Children’s classes are for all abilities and led by Sarah, a friendly teacher with more than 25 years experience in the fashion industry. 

Class Schedule & Costs

Children's sewing classes are held after school during term time in Hove.


Tuesday and Wednesday   |   3.30 pm - 5.50 pm


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