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How to sew on a button - for beginners

In this tutorial, Sew Retro takes sewing right back to the essential basics, showing you step-by-step in their guide on how to sew on a button.

You will need;

The item or garment you want to sew the button (s) on.

Matching thread, needle , buttons and scissors

Thread your needle, and tie the two ends together in a knot. Stitch up from inside the glasses case/item or garment and do a couple of little stitches on the spot to secure the thread.

Thread the button on to the needle and start stitching through the buttonholes. If it is a two-hole button then just keep coming up through one hole and down through the next.

If it is a four-hole button, then make sure you replicate the stitching in the rest of the buttons either with two parallel stitches or two diagonal stitches creating a cross. Stitch through each hole about four or five times.

Once you have finished the last stitch, come up underneath the button and wrap the thread around the stitching underneath the button a few times this will protect the stitches and help hold the button in place.

Make a loop to secure the stitches.

Then take the thread back down to the inside of the glasses case/item or garment and do a couple of secure stitches on the inside of the item/garment (these stitches should not be visible from the right side of the item/garment).

Cut the thread.

Congratulations! You have learnt the basic of sewing on a button.

Interested in more sewing projects for beginners? Follow the tutorials on our blog or come along to our regular sewing classes to meet others and expand your skills.


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