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The Bella Beach Robe

The Bella Beach Robe is the perfect first project if you are learning to sew !

You will be taken step by step through the process of creating your very first Beach robe from a scarf. The Bella Beach Robe is a relaxed fit, in small, medium and large. More experienced sewers, you will have this stitched up and will be relaxing on the sun lounger, in no time at all. Beginners and the more experienced sewers alike will fall in love with the Bella Beach Robe's easy shape.

No scarf ? no problem, just use 150cm of very light weight cotton. Skill level - Beginner Suggested Fabrics - Light weight scarf or 1.50cm of very light weight cotton.

I hope you enjoy the free tutorial, for use at home, and not to be reproduced commercially

Materials and Equipment

I large lightweight cotton scarf, I got mine from here

220cm of cotton tassel trim (or similar) I got mine here

Matching thread or contrast thread, pins, tape measure, chalk and scissors.

Tips for beginners Seam allowance 1 cm this is the distance between the edge of the fabric and the stitch line. You will find a series of parallel lines engraved on the needle plate of your sewing machine pick the one marked with the measurement you need and keep the edge of the fabric to this guide.

RS = right side of fabric WS = wrong side of fabric.

Measurements - please see the diagram above for the cutting instructions.

Cut out two pieces that measure 75cm x 100 x 2

On each piece you should have two finished edges, using a small zig zag stitch and matching thread to neaten the raw top edges on the scarf which will form the back and front of the beach robe.

2. Put RS together and pin the fabric together from the raw edge for 36cm, repeat on the remaining raw edge.

3. Taking a 1cm seam allowance machine stitch in straight stitch the 2 x 36cm sections you have just pinned.

4. Press the seams you have just sewn flat. Fold under the un sewn seam, continuing on from the shoulder seams, for 1cm as shown in the image press and machine stitch into place.

5 Start sewing and machine stitch in a rectangle until you are back to when you started to sew, as shown in the image. Press.

6. Using zig zag stitch neaten the remaining side seams. Try on the beach robe and adjust the length if necessary.

7. With RS facing, pin the trim onto the hem of the beach robe (tassels facing Up) and turn the raw under of the trim under at the side seam, machine stitch into place, repeat on the remaining side.

8 With RS facing, press the hem and the trim, make sure the trim is covered with the fabric of the beach robe, machine stitch into place. 9. Repeat on the remaining side. As shown in the image.

10. Put WS together and with the RS facing lay the robe on a table, making sure the seam seams match and the robe is flat, make a pin line 20cm (large) (23cm medium) (26cm small) in from the side edge. Starting from the hem continue to mark a stitch line for 30 cm, going up towards to shoulder seam.

Machine stitch the line you have just pinned, repeat on the remaining side.

10. One final press, awesome sewing, your beach robe is now finished. Well done.

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