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No Tricks ! Only Treats DIY Halloween Garland

There is just time to make this simple , but very effective and fun garland, before the 31st of October, no sewing machine needed.

Download the free pdf template and get pinning and cutting. I have cut 4 ghosts, a pair of each, but you can cut as many as you like and repeat the BOO, or just make a single one as I have.

Free tutorial -Beginners sewing- craft project learn to make a Halloween Garland

Materials and Equipment

1 x square of felt orange ( 1 square = 1 x BOO) , I got mine from here

I x square of white felt , (1 square = 6 ghosts) I got mine here

Top stitching thread (thicker than normal sewing thread) I got mine here

Pins, scissors and a needle with a large eye.

Down load your PDF pattern HERE

1. Down load and print off the templates. Cut the templates out.

Pin the templates on to the felt and cut out 2 pairs of each ghost, or as many as you need.

3. Download and print the BOO template. Cut out the template. Pin on the felt and cut out.

Thread the needle with a large eye, with the top stitching thread, and pushing the needle from the back of the ghost come to the front of the ghost and make a small running stitch. Move on to the next

ghost or letter in the garland, repeat to the end.

Hang your garland ...................... HAPPY HALLOWEEN :-)

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