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Stunning Christmas Stocking

I hope you enjoy making this quick Christmas Stocking. If you are new to sewing this is a simple step by step project, which you can make as personal as you desire, with fabric to match the person, and trims to make it a truly individual and one of a kind gift. Sewers with more experience will enjoy making

these super speedy Christmas stocking, which can be used year after year. As with all SEW RETRO patterns you can use the free downloadable templates and let your imagination run wide. Swap the cuff from red with gold star fabric, to a fake fur, change the pom poms to tassels, add the persons name or initials buy cutting out letters, ironing on bond a web, to the back of the fabric, peel away the bond-a-web and iron onto the front of the stocking. Using a small zig zag stitch attach the letters to the stocking before you follow the step by step tutorial. Don't fancy making your own letters ? Use some of the fabulous iron on patch letters instead, available from your local haberdashers.

To really enjoy the experience, pop on some cheesy Christmas tunes and start sewing !

Free tutorial -Beginners sewing project _ learn to sew and make a Christmas Stocking

Materials and Equipment

50cm of a firm cotton fabric, I got mine from here

50cm of lining I used some left over calico

20cm meter of contrast fabric I got mine here

Pom pom tape 50cm I got mine here

A small amount of Ribbon

Matching thread or contrast thread, pins, tape measure, chalk and scissors.

Tips for beginners

Seam allowance 1 cm this is the distance between the edge of the fabric and the stitch line. You will find a series of parallel lines engraved on the needle plate of your sewing machine pick the one marked with the measurement you need and keep the edge of the fabric to this guide

RS = right side of fabric WS = wrong side of fabric.

Down load your free template HERE, this is for your personal use and not to be reproduced commercially.

Pin the pattern onto the fabric and cut out, 2 x stocking in main 2 x stocking in lining 2 x cuff in contrast. Cut the pom pom trim into 2 equal lengths of 19cm, and pin onto the top RS of the stocking as shown, repeat, on the remaining stocking. Stitch the pom pom to the stocking.

Pin the RS of the cuff to the RS of the stocking and Stitch into place, using a 1cm seam allowance.

For a neat finish that doesn't show the trim use the zipper foot, that will allow you to get close to the pom poms.

Repeat on the remaining stocking.

Change to the straight stitch foot.Pin the lining onto the other edge of the cuff as shown.

Machine stitch into place. repeat on the remaining side.

Pin the ribbon onto the cuff. Measure up 8cm from pom pom and pin as shown.

( the correct position isjust before you will make the fold in the cuff) Check the position of the ribbon, The ribbon needs to be pinned to the "back leg" of the stocking , just below the half way mark of the cuff.

With RS together as shown in the image pin the stocking together, leaving a gap in the lining to turn the stocking inside out. Stitch into place.

Clip the curved edges as shown on the stocking and the lining.

Turn the stocking inside out, and machine stitch the small gap together. Press. Push the lining inside the stocking , and give it a final press.

Congratulations AND Happy Christmas.

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