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Super Quick Coin Purse - 10 minute project

I have been posting last minute diy gifts on my Instagram Stories, in the lead up to Christmas, they are saved to DIY Christmas, on Instagram. The coin purse is SO SIMPLE, yet on tread and stylish, grab your scrap bag and download the free pattern. The coin purse can be made in leather, vegan leather and boiled wool. With one seam, Yes ! you read that correctly, it really is a 10 minute or last minute make. A fabulous stocking filler, or a thoughtful gift. If you are new to sewing or you have been sewing for years I think you will find this project, quick and very simple, without compromising on style. Which makes it a very satisfying sewing project.

Materials and Equipment

Raid your scrap bag for a small piece of leather, vegan leather, boiled wool or firm felt fabric,

Thin elastic available here

Sharpie pen available here

Matching or contrast thread

Pins, pegs, leather hole punch,scissors , pinking shears, hole punch, masking tape chalk or a soft pencil.

Down load your pattern HERE

Download the pattern- cut out - and place on the Fabric or leather, cut out using pinking shears or sissocrs .If you pin leather or vegan leather the pin will leave a hole, should you need to secure the pattern to your leather or vegan leather you can do with with masking tape this will avoid a hole.

Transfer the marking for the the fold lines on to your fabric.

Pin the the purse together using a peg.

Stitch with matching or contrast thread. If you like the sharper look (as shown on the purse with the green elastic) trim the edge that folds over.removing the zig zag made by the pinking shears.

Measure out your elastic, you will need 10 to 12 cm. Cut

Colour your elastic with a permanent marker if you are unable to buy coloured elastic.

Using a hole punch make a hole in the middle of the fold over flap. Do not make the hole too big or the elastic will fall through, the elastic needs to fit tightly.

Working from the back thread the elastic through the hole you have just made, slip the loop onto a pencil, and tie a knot at the front.

Job done ! Congratulations. Wishing you and your loved ones a very very Happy Christmas

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