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Copy of Fabric Halloween Lanterns

Grab some left over bits of felt, follow the free instructions to cut out the pattern pieces and in no time at all you will have made these re usable Halloween fabric lanterns. This is a great project to make with children, they can cut and decorate the lanterns. I have kept mine simple, cutting out a simple "pumpkin face", but you could use small bits of felt and beads to make these less "spooky" and more "spectacular".

In a bid to use less plastic, and disposable decorations, these fabric lanterns can be stored from year to year, and bought out to decorate your garden, porch or house at Halloween.

Materials and Equipment.

30cm of felt (this is a great project to use up left over felt from a previous project) I got mine here

matching thread

pins, chalk, small and large scissors

tea lights I got mine here

Cutting Instructions

For each lantern cut;

1 x 24cm x 8cm side panel in felt

1 x 1.5cm x 21cm handel in felt

1 x base circle 8cm in diameter felt

pins chalk scissors

RS = Right side of the fabric WS = wrong side of the fabric.

1. Pin the pattern pieces onto the felt and cut out.

2. Pin the template onto the felt, and using a small pair of sharp scissors cut out your chosen shapes.

3. Fold the rectangle in half, mark with a pin, fold in half again, this marks the position to pin on the handle. Pin the handles to the WS.

4. With matching thread stitch along the top of the lantern, catching the handles.

5. Pin the long rectangle together at the short seams and using a 1xm seam allowance stitch the seam. The handles need to be on the WS as shown.

6. Pin the circle base onto the end of the cylinder, this is a little fiddly keep moving your pins until the circle fits in. Machine stitch into place.

7. Turn the basket to the RS.

Fill with the tea light. CONGRATULATIONS, you have just made a stunning Halloween decoration.

Repeat until you have made the desired quantity.

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