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DIY rope placemats, coaster and no sew napkins.

Be warned !! making these super easy, stylish placemats and coasters is very addictive. Made from 100% cotton they can be machine washed and used time and time again. As they are cotton you could get very creative and dip dye them to achieve an ombre finish, to match or contrast with your tableware.

I have left mine (for now ) plain but added a little colour and texture by using a contrast coloured thread. If you want to keep your dying as eco friendly as possible, why not try using some natural dyes. I have added a link at the bottom of the page, for Sew Retro's guide to DIY dying.

If you buy your cord from James Lever at 1kg spool should make 8 placemats and 8 coasters.

Sew Retro's no sew napkins will blow you away, and you will find yourself making these for friends and family, in less time than it would take to buy ready made napkins from a shop.


The Rope placemats and coasters.

I used natural piping cord 6mm from James Lever Bolton and bought a 1kg spool

Matching and/ or contrast thread, I used a contrast thread.

A jeans sewing needle and a hand sewing needle.


The napkins

I had this fabric in my stash, but you will need 46cm x 46cm per napkin

and 36cm x 5.5cm for each tie.

Its important that you are able to fray the edges of your fabric, if you are buying some fabric for the napkins, I would suggest. linen or cotton with a loose weave that will be easy to fray.

1 x large needle or pin.

Secure the end of the cord using a hand sewing needle and wrapping the thread around the end as shown. trim any excess cord end.

2. Start to coil the cord into a small circle as shown.

When it measures approx 3-4 cm secure it with a few pins as shown.

Cut the piping cord.

Using a needle and thread neaten the cut raw end of the cord, by wrapping the thread around the end of the cord and gently pulling the end into the mat making it secure and as neat as possible.

The finished table mats measure 9 inches/ 23cm and the coasters measure 4 inches /10cm.

Cut a 46cm x 46 cm square from your fabric for each napkin and 36cm x 5.5cm for each tie.

Using a pin or blunt bodkin needle gently fray each of the 4 edges of the napkin., that you have cut to measure 46cm x 46cm.

Repeat the fraying instructions to make the napkin ties.

AWESOME and sew simple, congratulations you are finished. Get the kettle you on deserve a cuppa.

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