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DIY Easter Table Decorations - Cute Egg Cosies

This is a quick and simple project uses up scraps of fabric to create a fun and functional table decorations. The super cute cosies can be used time and time again to keep your eggs warm, not just at Easter. Not only will your table look fabulous, these cute cosies make gorgeous gifts. They are so easy to make, beginners will love the ease at, which they come together, and the stunning result from sewing some scraps of fabric. Get rummaging now in your stash, and don't forget to share your creations on my Instagram account and Face Book page. Thank you !


Scraps of fabric

Scraps of wadding/batting

Pen and paper or chalk

Pins, hand sewing needle and some embroidery flax (thread)

Sewing machine and matching thread

Using your scraps of fabric either,chalk onto the fabric or make a paper pattern.

Main Body

You will need 2 x 11cm width x 12 cm lengths of main fabric

2 x 11cm width x 12 cm length of lining fabric

2 x 11cm width x 12 cm length of wadding/batting.

2 of the 4 corners as shown in the image need to be gently curved. Use a plate curve the edges.

The curve will need to be created on the main, lining and wadding/batting fabric.


2 x 8.5cm in length 5cm in width tapering off to zero at the top as shown in the image in main fabric and the same in lining fabric.

RS = right side of the fabric WS = wrong side of the fabric - Seam allowance is 0.5cm - Press = Iron

Fold one piece of the main fabric in half length ways and in half width ways to mark the centre.

Open the fabric to the RS and using a hand sewing needle and the embroidery thread stitch the nose and the eyes. I make a X for the nose, and "sewed on the spot" to create the eyes.

Pin the batting or wadding onto the WS of the main fabric, and sewing as close to the edge as possible machine stitch the batting/wadding to the main fabric. Repeat on the remaining piece of lining.

With the RS of the fabric facing, pin the ears together and then machine stitch the long sides of the ears together, leaving a gap at the bottom. This will, enabling you to turn them to the RS. The seam allowance is 0.5cm

With the RS of the ears facing the RS of the face, pin and then machine stitch the ears into place.

The ears are positioned 0.5cm either side of the middle of the face, as shown.

With both RS facing up first, flip one RS to match the other RS. Pin the RS of the lining to the RS of the face (on the main fabric) and using a 1cm seam allowance stitch along the straight edge as shown.

Repeat on the remaining side.

With RS sides together and the main fabric facing the main fabric and the lining facing the lining and the wadding facing you, pin together, leaving a gap, so you can turn your sewing to the RS. Machine stitch into place using a 0.5cm seam allowance. If you feel the seam allowance is "bulky" trim some of the excess wadding in the seam allowance away.

Turn your egg cosy to the RS and carefully press. Pin and hand sew the gap together.

Push the lining up into the body of the rabbit.

WOOP WOOP, your finished ! Congratulations

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