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Make your own On-trend Tassel Key Ring

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I find a little making at this time of the year very therapeutic, as much as I love Christmas it can extra busy, with less time to recharge the batteries, If I can use up scraps of fabric and make some gorgeous gifts, its a win win situation.

I have given the Date Night Pouch a make over. Instead of using a shop bought sew on motif, I have use some scraps of pleather to make the motif and a on-trend tassel, replaces the pom pom.

Materials For the tassel key ring only.

I x split ring I had one to up cycle but you can get them from here

A small piece of pleather leather or fabric that does not fray approx. 12cm x 15cm

For the pleather and leather fabric glue I used this one

(If using) pinking shears.

scissors soft pencil, chalk

a few pegs

Materials for the Date Night Pouch

Follow the instructions for materials

as given HERE

Omit a shop bought motif and yarn

Add the materials for the tassels key ring and a little extra pleather for the lightening bolt.

Draw or print off a template for the lightening bolt. Cut the template out,

Following the instructions cut out the pouch. The fabric I had in my scrap bag did not fray so I chose not to line the pouch. But there are instructions to line and not line the pouch.

Using a soft pencil or chalk, draw around the template. If you use pins you will leave holes that may show in the pleather.

Cut out and carefully pin on the front of the pouch, I use two pins but pinned on the stitching line, to avoid any holes showing.

Using matching thread and a long stitch, stitch the motif to the front of the pouch.

Continue following the instructions found HERE

How to make the tassel for the pouch and a key ring

Using the pleather or leather cut out an 11.5cm x 9cm rectangle.

On the wrong side of the pleather on the long seam at one end only, using chalk or a soft pencil mark a 1cm line as shown.

On the short seam (9cm) make a 1cm line as shown, then mark 0.5cm lines until the end of the pleather as shownn.

If you are using pinking shears trim the top of the long seam above the 1cm line as shown.

Using sharp scissors cut up the pencil or chalk lines stopping at the long line.

Cut a small strip of pleather approx. 0.5 x 8cm.

For the pouch ONLY slip the pleather stripe onto the end of the zip as shown.

using a bamboo stick carefully glue the stripe together. Hold in place with a peg.

Allow the glue to dry before moving onto the next stage.


Cut a small strip of pleather approx. 0.5 x 8cm.

Slip the pleather stripe onto the split ring, using a bamboo stick carefully glue the stripe together.DO NOT GLUE the middle, the split ring needs to move on the tassel. Hold in place with a peg.

Allow the glue to dry before moving onto the next stage.

For both the Pouch and Key ring,

Carefully glue along the top seam as shown and a third of the way down the 1cm tassel.

Place either the keyring strip or the folded strip on the pouch, onto the glued section as shown.

Slowly roll the tassel, starting at the end with the 1cm strip. Use a peg to hold it in place until the glue dries. as shown. When the glue is dry remove the peg.

Your done !!! Well done !!! Yay :-) I hope that was a fun relaxing project.

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