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Sew Retro Christmas Gift Guide 2019 for Sewers .

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Love to sew ? I hope you enjoy part 1 of Sew Retro's 2019 gift guide. It includes a few practical items, the seam guide and the pin magnet. A present for dry hands, Seams non gresy hand cream made in the UK.

After finishing a sewing project, who can say no to a cuppa, but the biscuits in the gift guide are way too nice to dunk.

1. Scissors necklace from Tatty Divine

2. Pin magnet from Merchant and Mills

3. Too good to eat biscuites from

5.Rib cuffs from Pin and Sew

6.Labels from Kylie and The Machine

(First image link in the UK at the Village Haberdashery

(second image) and in the UK at the Village Haberdashery 7. Hand Cream for seamstresses from Seams

8.Snip in Style Scissors from The Fabric Godmother

9.Seam Guide from Dunelm Mill

10.Sewing machine Necklace from Tatty Divine

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