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Stylish Pan Holders

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

This is a simple project to use up left over scraps of fabric. You will be introduced to quilting and learn how to make and use bias binding. Pot or pan holders are very useful and make a sweet and welcome gift.

I have given a guide to the size and amount you need to cut, but as always with patterns from Sew Retro,

you can easily adjust them to fit the scraps of fabric you have in your stash.

Cutting instructions

Pattern A

6cm x 25cm x 2

7cm x 25cm x 2

5cm x 25 x 6

4cm x 25 x 6

Pattern B

follow the measurments as given and cut 3 pairs per side.

You will also need

Cut 24cm x 24cm of heat resistant wadding x 1 per pot holder.

Eye let rings

Fabric for the bias binding or shop bought bias binding

Chalk, pins, thread

WS wrong side of fabric RS right side of fabric

Pattern A sewing instructions

With RS together pin the stripes of fabric together and taking a 1cm seam allowance stitch the seams together.

Pattern A join 7 strips together to make a 25x 25cm square

Pattern B, pin and stitch two diagonal seams together to make a rectangle. Make 3 rectangles

then stitch the 3 rectangles together.

For A and B, Press the seams flat, repeat to make the remaining side.

Sandwich the layers together, with the WS facing up, lay on a flat surface, then lay the wadding on top, lay the remaining side RS up on the wadding . Pin together and using a contrast thread tack or baste the layers together.

Thread the sewing machine with contrast or matching thread for the quilting.

Make a chalk line as shown from one side to the other on the diagonal.

If you have the quilting attachment with your sewing machine , following your manufactures instructions insert the quilting guide section in to the sewing machine. Select your largest stitch size.

Adjust to the size you want the quilting width to be ,(mine are 4cm apart) if you do not have this attachment, chalk on your quilting lines to follow when stitching.

Using the chalk line as a guide stitch your first line. Place the quilting tool on the stitch line and allowing the tool to follow the first row of stitching , make you second row, repeating and moving over the guide for each new row. If you do not have this attachment, follow the chalk lines you have made.

Remove the tacking and cut any loose threads.

Using a contrast fabric cut 4cm x 27cm bias strips are shown HERE

*Pin the bias binding onto opposite ends (as shown) and using a 1cm seam allowance stitch into place.

Trim the seams as shown to 0.5cm.**

Fold the raw edge of the bias binding to meet the raw edge of the pan holder, press, fold again, pin and stitch in to place.

Repeat from* to ** on the two remaing side BUT allow 1 cm to hang over on each end.

Fold the extra fabric on each end back into the bias binding, to make a neat covered edge, then fold the raw long edge of the bias binding in to meet the raw edge of the pan holder,(as before) taking care to tuck in both ends, pin and stich into place.

Repeat on the remaing side.

Following the manufactures instructions add the eyelets.

Awesome you have made a stylish and useful pan holder.


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