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Superhero Easter Bunnies

With Easter just around the corner, and no home schooling for now, I was hoping this post may fill a few creative hours during lock down. It has been designed, and written so that most children should be able to make these on their own.

I have used felt scraps, but you can use any fabric you have at home. Again I have used a few scraps of toy filler to stuff the bunnies, but if you do not have any , you could cut up some old tights into small pieces which should work just as well.

Materials and Equipment.

Felt or fabric scraps.

Toy filler or old tights

A small pom pom

Hand sewing needle and thread

Optional - A Sewing machine.

Template or pattern and pencil to draw a template. ( If you would like my free template please email me at and I will send you a pdf pattern to print off at home. Unfortunately WIX no longer have the facility to add a downloadable pdf pattern, on this page).

Place the pattern pieces on the fabric, pin and cut out. You will need to cut

1 x front for the bunny

1 x back for the bunny

1 x cape

1 x shorts

Your choice of mask, and any other design features you want to add.

Lay the mask on the Bunny’s face. Using a pin, chalk or a pencil mark the position of the nose.

Using (if you have some embroidery flax) or thread double with a knot at the end or, a button, sequin, etc to make the nose. Sew over the spot you have marked to make the nose as shown or sewn on you button/sequin.

Pin the clothes on to the bunny as shown. If you are adding your initial ,sew this onto the triangle first , then pin it onto the bunny. My bunnies’ clothes are sewn on the front only, you could if you have enough fabric make the boots / pants etc on the back and front, or even sew the pants/shorts separately and they could be removable.

Using matching thread and a *running stitch or the sewing machine stitch the clothes onto the bunny.

*Running stitch is a simple needlework stitch consisting of a line of small even stitches which run back and forth through the cloth without overlapping.

If you are using a sewing machine. thread the top of the sewing with matching thread as shown below (i.e. red) thread the bobbin with blue. The back of your bunny will have blue thread to match.

Pleat the ears as shown. Pin the ear onto the bunny as shown pin or stitch to secure. Measure out some hanging tape and pin or stitch it in between the bunny’s ears.

Place the front of the bunny on to the back of the bunny, pin, and** stitch together, using back stitch to stop the stuffing falling out or a sewing machine, leaving a gap for the stuffing.

**Begin the back stitch by pushing the needle up through the fabric, and then back down to make a single stitch. Then push the needle back up through the fabric a space away from the first stitch, as if you were doing the running stitch. Now push your needle back down through the fabric at the end of the first stitch. This is the "back" part of the back stitch. Now push your needle up through the fabric a space away from the previous stitch. You will then stitch back again. Just repeat this pattern of stitching, around the edge of the bunny.

If you have some stuffing, stuff the bunny, stitch the gap together.

Hand sew the cape to the bunny and add its tail on the back of the cape.

You are the superhero – awesome sewing well done.

Please share ( or get an adult to) your superhero bunnies on my Facebook page, THANK YOU

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