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The simplest ever sewing project - A Tool Roll

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In the time it would take you to pop to the shops, you will have made this practical and stylish tool roll.

If you are making it for yourself to store your DIY tools in or as a gift for a gardener, cook, cyclist or fisherman you will be pleasantly surprized how simple it is to make.

Its a great opportunity to up cycle some leather or pleather, the slightly worn look of the leather enhances the look. I have used a contrast tie, up cycling some tape, but you could use the leather as a tie. As always with a pattern and tutorial from SEW RETRO you can make it your own, using measurements that give you the width and depth your require for the items you wish to store in the tool roll. No leather or pleather ? Grab two pieces of fabric that measure 48cm x 38.5cm and with right side together, machine stich around the 4 edges take a 1 cm seam allowance and leaving a gap. Using the gap, turn to the right side, press, slip stich the gap, press, and continue to follow the instructions as given for leather from, no 3 to number 7. You will not need to use a walking foot if you are using cloth.


A piece of leather of pleather that measurements 47cm x 37.5cm

OR 2 x 48cm x 38.5cm of fabric

Tape 40cm - or you cut this from the leather 50cm x 1.5cm

Matching or contrast thread

A few mini pegs or clips


Pinking shears (optional)

Iron for pressing

This free pattern and tutorial is for your own use, and not to be reproduced commercially.

1. Using the given measurements cut out the pleather or leather. I have cut it out with regular scissors and will finish the edges with the pinking shears.

2. If you are using pinking shears for a decorative edge. Using a soft pencil mark a 0.5cm line from the raw edge at the top and bottom edgeof you leather, that measures 37.5cm, as shown[41] .

3. Fold the bottom raw edge up for 12.5cm as shown.

4. Using pegs or similar “pin” the edges together. If you use regular pins they will leave permentment holes in the leather or pleather.

5. Insert the tape into the right hand side, seam, at the top as shown, use a peg to hold in place.

6. Change to the walking foot and your largest machine stitch, then stitch a row with the foot to the edge of the fabric as shown. I have use a matching thread in the bobbin so the stitching will not shown on the right side when the tool roll is rolled up and a contrast thread on the right side on the inside of the tool roll.

7. Once you have secured both ends with a row of stitches, using chalk carefully mark 5 compartments, 7cm apart, measuring from inside the stitching line. Machine a line of stitching to make each compartment, securing the stitching at the top and bottom.

8. Using the pinking shears carefully tidy up the un -pinked raw edges, avoiding snipping off the tie !

Cutting the raw edge at this point and not before insures the edges are matching.

Well done you have just made a fabulous tool roll. please tag me in your social media posts ! Thank you.

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