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DIY Simply Spooky Halloween Decorations

Grab a few jam jars, scraps of felt, your sewing kit, and get creative. These spooky simple "sleeves" are fun to create on your own or with some little helpers. The end results can be used to make lanterns, table decorations or a protective sleeve for a mug of steaming hot chocolate.

You will need:

A few jam jars

Tea lights I got mine here I would recommend these for indoors and children

Scraps of black felt

Chalk and a ruler or pen and paper

Matching thread, pins, and small sharp cutting scissors.

1. Draw or download your template. Some templates can be found here

2. Measure your jam jars, (width and length) adding 1 cm onto the circumference measurement.

3. Cut out the rectangles (according to your measurements) in the felt. I marked the measurements using chalk, and a ruler. If you are making this project with a small child, it maybe better to make pattern pieces in paper.

4. Place your template on the fabric and cut out using sharp scissors. To cut into the middle of the fabric, fold that section in half and make a tiny incision. Once you have made the incision you will be able to cut out the shape with your scissors.

5. When you have finished cutting your shapes in the felt, overlap the seam by 0.5cm as shown, by placing the wrong side of the felt onto the right side of the felt. Pin into place.

6. Chose a small zig zag stitch and using matching thread machine stitch the seam. Cut any loose threads. Alternatively, you can hand stitch the seam using a slip stitch.

7. That’s it, congratulations 😊 you have made your decoration you. Happy Halloween.

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